What is Venture Capital (VC) ?

What is Impact Investing?

About Us

ImpactVC launched in August 2020 as an interest group for students curious about the intersection of finance, technology, and social impact.

Thinking like a startup, our initial "MVP" (Minimal Viable Product) had 2 main components:

  • A 2-semester Speaker Series where we connected with more than 120 students

  • A small group Mentorship Program where students were given unfiltered access to a group of seasoned investors (Average group size of 2.75 students)


Mason Um


Zack Bondy

VP, Operations

Stacey Teodoro

VP, Community & Outreach

Cole Harris

VP, Finance

Terjuan Short

Finance Lead

Team Of Advisors

Our diverse group of advisors have decades of combined experienced and are dedicated to the organization's success on UW-Madison's campus.

Albert Elston Jr.

Associate at Equal Opportunity Ventures

Sari Judge

Faculty Advisor of ImpactVC | Program Coordinator, StartUp @ UW-Madison

Darion Allen

Senior at UW-Madison | Co-Founder of ImpactVC